What does BAS offer?

We want to promote a change in the way we do things. Our purpose is to offer the
legal and corporate environment a simpler, transparent, agile and efficient system.


The Blockchain Arbitration Society

Court of Arbitration

The Blockchain Arbitration Society has created an Arbitration Court, made up of expert jurists and lawyers in different sectors of blockchain, for the arbitration and issuance of internationally valid awards in matters related to this sector. The exponential growth of projects based on blockchains, tokenization and cryptocurrencies, requires a specialized legal reference in the sector and more agile, faster and cheaper than the ordinary jurisdiction.

The Blockchain Arbitration Society

Consulting for companies and individuals

What is a wallet? How do you open my name or that of my company? What does it mean to have a crypto-asset wallet? Is it legal? At BAS we accompany corporations and freelancers in the most common doubts about this sector, with a simple and operative language.

The Blockchain Arbitration Society


The BAS offers professional training courses for lawyers, to train as arbitrators and to specialize in smartcontracts, blockchain, tokenization of business assets, etc.

The Blockchain Arbitration Society

Quality diagnosis and guarantee seal

BAS helps meet the basic standards that a decentralized initiative must meet. We issue audit reports of blockchain projects, to provide them with a quality seal that offers confidence to its users, clients or investors.

“It is time for the community to realize who it is. It is time for the community to believe and respect its own law,
not leaving its future in the hands of trusted third parties. The state will of course regulate,
but only to establish the red lines that cannot be crossed”.


What does BAS offer?

The Blockchain Arbitration Society


We collect complaints from users or investors to crypto platforms, analyze them and offer dissemination, contact with the complainant and potential resolution of the conflict.

Consulting in industrial processes

The association offers consulting services to study and implement blockchain solutions in industrial processes (traceability, reporting optimization, etc.). There are already companies that, both due to market demands and R&D objectives, are planning to develop part of their processes in blockchain.


The BAS is a multidisciplinary association that promotes the use of decentralized technologies in legal and economic traffic. Open to lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs, corporations and any agent that believes in the freedom and efficiency of relationships based on decentralized networks.

BAS partners benefit from access and synergies between professionals in the decentralized environment, promoting the contracting of services and products between partners. The meeting space is the private area of ​​the association’s website, as well as its publications and events.