Commission of Good Practices for Exchanges

Only mechanisms established by the community, such as “best practices for exchanges” will give the community the security it seeks.

The collapse of FTX confirms that state regulation is not enough. According to the information provided on its website, FTX has obtained permits and licenses in these countries: Bahamas, Gibraltar, Australia, Cyprus, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Africa and the United States.

As Bitcoin has shown us, true crypto regulation will come from the community, not the states. State regulation failed, and it will fail again.



A unique Commission in the world

The Blockchain Arbitration Society

BAS has invited several exchanges and prominent people from the industry to participate.

  • Daniel Valdés CEO of Nexxyo Labs (Outer Ring, and Bamboo Defi).
  • Ibai Castaón (Nexxyo labs), specialist in Smart-contracts and cyber security.
  • José Luis Sanjurjo (FBS lawyers), specialist in Compliance.
  • Javier Ortiz de Artiñano, legal expert in Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Enol Argüelles, financial banking experience, and Malta legislation.
  • Shaun Leon, regulatory expert in Singapore, Whitherworldwide.
  • Ignacio Ferrer-Bonsoms, president of BAS.
  • Edgar Antonio Mercado Plascencia, Spain Country Manager at Bitget Crypto Exchange.
  • Adriá Llorens, Bitbase.
  • Alex Fernández, Bitbase.
  • Sergi, Chainlink.
  • Matías Monteagudo, Mellifex.
  • Miguel Caballero, Tutellus

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